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Alvito dietro il vetro della cabina di regia
Di Fabrizia (del 27/09/2005 @ 03:20:00, in Choice: Storia di un progetto, linkato 4613 volte)
Ecco la mail che ho ricevuto ieri, in risposta alle mie considerazioni. Io mi sono sbellicata. Cosi' spero anche voi. Per la traduzione potete usufruirne gratis presso


La pubblico dietro il grazioso consenso del suo autore:

>>See, you Americans write lyrics on shooting your girlfriends;
>>we Italians write about the 5 days of sadness

Hey! We don't always write songs about shooting our girlfriends! Occasionally we will find reason to stab or drown them.

The positive side to this is that a proper American gentleman is bound by duty and tradition to compose a song about the experience, which contributes to our culture and heritage.

I told my boss today about us "damn Americans with our guns and Walmarts" and he told me that he had noticed previously that one cannot buy ammunition after midnight at Walmart. I was startled by this restriction in our "free" country, so I started a song about it:

I needed to shoot my woman through the heart,

I was out of ammo, so off I went to Wal-Mart,

That mean girl didn't do me right,

But damn! It was way past mid-niiiiight....


That's all I have so far. I hear it as a waltz.

(I cannot comment here about the 5 days of sadness, some subjects are far too delicate for us Americans.)


Things are indeed going well and I'm excited. Your conducting is excellent.

I look forward to tomorrow. Uh oh, better go, gotta drop by Walmart on the way home!

Ciao, arrivederci, au revoir,

- Alvito