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Di Fabrizia (del 02/04/2006 @ 00:07:58, in Seminars and Biography, linkato 1440 volte)
Castle Coldrano This year as well as the last ones the Vocalists Le Pleiadi organized the usual stage in Castle Goldrain, where they ate like hungry Wisents and sang like wild Coyotes. The “Serail of Stars” went to the now familiar Castle to enjoy a week-end of Jazz Improvisation under the sunny leadership of a very competent and funny teacher: Fabrizia Barresi and her magic stitch. After some basic notions and relaxing exercises we started vocal experimentation during which some of the bravest started improvisations on recorded bases – first step.
   The next step consisted in working with real musicians, such as Michl Lösch at the piano and Gianni Casalnuovo at the bass, who enjojed the funny situations that happened while trying the new lessons. Saturday evening, after the heavy work we´d done, we got an enjoyable gift: an evening with the sound of music (remember the musical?
   The feeling was the same concerning joy of life and fun). While the Vocalists Le Pleiadi enjoyed the performances of Fiorenzo Zeni (sax), Carlo Cannevali (drums), Gianni Casalnuovo (brass), Michl Lösch (piano) and Fabrizia Barresi (voice) the room behind the door of the chavalier´s room got filled with people. Imagine our surprise in hearing applause after having sung and noticing that a lot of people had entered the room behind us listening to our music and enjoying the whole performance. Anyway our request for new singers could not find open ears as those people came from Bavaria and, though they enjoyed the evening, the way to our rehearsal room would be surely too far twice a week…
   The proof that all of us enjoyed the stage very much was given the following morning when, although having had really less time to sleep, everybody came to breakfast at 8 o´clock in the morning eager to go on with the lessons of never tired Fabrizia and our choirmaster Lucia, both full of energy…
   When the week-end was getting over we all noticed once more how much these annual meetings give us.