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Patty Coker's liner notes
Di Fabrizia (del 20/04/2006 @ 13:30:37, in Choice credits & liner notes, linkato 10884 volte)
Fabrizia epitomizes the definition of the ultimate artist: “the musician achieves true artistry when he or she becomes one with the spirit of the music being performed”. This, Fabrizia unfailingly achieves. She has an innate taste for what is beautiful and witty in jazz music, both intellectually and in her tender heart.

We met when she was in serious search for information that would deepen her understanding of the music she loves, and she applies information, as assimilated, effortlessly into her improvisation. Always the student, she then seeks to pass on ways to apply the information to her own students at the Fondazione Siena Jazz, in Siena, Italy.

No rote application for Fabrizia, as you will discover in this remarkable CD! It’s a joy to open up the ears for a treat of vocal versatility, sheer spontaneity, playfulness, and pathos, over a wide range of material, vocal and instrumental in intent and origin. “Amazing Grace” is a fitting signature for the offering here, simply sung with Ira Sullivan and Jerry Coker in full support. Just heavenly!

Special attention should be given to the strength and backgroup experience of the instrumentalists involved in this project. From the University of Tennessee Studio Music and Jazz Program developed by Jerry Coker, Fabrizia selected members of that Faculty for the CD.

She had already been working with and sitting in with the premier rhythm section, comprised of internationally known Donald Brown, piano; Mark Boling, guitar, Rusty Holloway, bass; and Keith Brown on drums; this made for a strong rapport going into the recording studio. Carlos Fernandez added the percussion spectrum brillianty. Add to this, the genius of Ira Sullivan, and the result is a rare musical treat!

Patty Coker.