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Seminars for Singers
Di Fabrizia (del 18/04/2006 @ 01:14:03, in Seminars and Biography, linkato 1273 volte)
Fabrizia Barresi

Seminars for Singers

Sound, Space, Movement

Vocal technique, interpretation, improvisation
for singers, instrumentalists, actors and dancers.


Preparation of the vocal instrument involves techniques for:
relaxation, breathing, free emission, centering,
posture, balance, listening,
energy, volume, direction,
self-perception of anatomy and physiology.

Presentation of the method for daily work:
exercises and vocalises: how to use them,
force, strain and muscular work,
anchoring and support,
warm up, loosening, agility,
hints for vocal re-education (spoken and sung),
Why do we practice vocalisesŕ

Ancient, classical or modern:
falsetto and chest voice,
extension, registers, passages,
speaking, acting, singing.

One voice, many voices:
antagonism and conciliation,
emotions and emotivity,
the voice and the stage,
the characters and their voices,
creating a style.

These seminars propose a program created to address the doubts of the singer:

1. which technique to use

2. are different vocalities (and therefore techniques) reconciliable

3. how do we imitate a famous singer

4. why do we tire in rehearsal

5. how do we sing in falsetto

6. how to avoid the difference in timbre in the “passaggio”

7. how do we reach the stratospheric high notes to deep bass notes

8. strength (volume, intensity and quality of the timbre)

9. lightness and ease

10. resistence without losing our much loved vocal identity

11. correct use of dynamics

The answers given will refer to a new METHOD of learning and re-education of the voice and to guided listenings. These topics, or part of them, can be presented in 2 – 4 hour lessons, or seminars of several days or weeks.

Contact: fabrizia.barresi@gmail.com